Our Objectives

Our Objectives

  • Establish institutions for learning and research.
  • Raise academic standards in the constituent units of theVidyapeeth.
  • Develop evaluation methods that raise students objectives.
  • Bring about capacity development of teachers
  • Encourage both teachers and students to undertake research.
  • Enter into collaboration with higher educational institutions.
  • Undertake extension activities for the development of the community
  • Develop and enter into collaborative programmes with Indian and foreign Universities and other academic institutions, scientific organizations and other agencies.
  • Carry out instructions and training, distinguishable from programmes of ordinary nature, for making distinctive contri butions in the areas of specializations.
  • Provide for special training or coaching for competitive examinations, for recruitment to the Public Services, Public Undertakings and other competitive employment opportunities
  • Develop students personalities as informed and objective critics, identify and cultivate their talents, train right kind of leadership, develop right kind of attitudes, interests and values




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