Out Patient Department (OPD)

Out Patient Department (OPD) Services of Netaji Subhas Medical College & Hospital caters to more than 500 Patients a day on an average. OPD Services are being operated in 15 departments from 9 am to 3pm on all working days.

The Four Dimensional approach to Patient Care in OPD Services.

Team of Doctors having blend of experience and the energy of youth serves the patients in OPD at Netaji Subhas Medical College & Hospital.

Diagnostics Services at Netaji Subhas Medical College & Hospital supports the proper care of OPD Patients with prompt & accurate diagnostic services.

Trained Nursing & Paramedical Staff in the OPD of the Hospital serves as the catalyst for proper care to the patients and the stand by the team of doctors for delivery of proper treatment and diagnostics.

The OPD services has a support of Hospital Managers who keep a vigil eye on the service delivery to the patients and make sure that the Patients Issues are solved to their satisfaction.





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